Transparent Texture Transfer

Chan-Tai Yeh, Ting-Hui Tsai, and Hwann-Tzong Chen

This paper presents a toolchain that can transfer transparent, multi-layer textures onto some unknown surface in an image. We propose alpha quilting, which is able to generate a large texture map and its corresponding alpha matte from a small template of natural texture. The synthesized texture map can then be transferred to a surface according to the estimated surface normal. The procedure of texture transfer is called texture matting, which layers multiple textures onto a surface with respect to the transparency and multi-layer characteristics of natural textures. The experimental results show that our method is able to produce visually plausible results of pasting opaque and transparent textures on surfaces.
Chan-Tai Yeh, Ting-Hui Tsai, and Hwann-Tzong Chen: Transparent Texture Transfer. ICIP 2015.

Last updated: 07 July 2015