Seminar in Information Systems and Applications

ISA 565100 -- Spring 2008

Wednesday 13:30-15:00
236 CS Building

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[2008/6/18] The list of received reports before 11:59pm, June 18.

[2008/5/29] The term paper is due on June 18, 2008. Everyone needs to write a one-page report in English (.doc, or .pdf). The report should include two parts:
In the first part you have to point out five subjects, techniques, or skills that, in you opinion, are very important and are supposed to be mastered by ISA students. You need to explain briefly why you think they are important, and also try to evaluate your progress in acquiring them so far.
In the second part you may make some suggestions to future first-year ISA students based on your experience. Some of the reports will be forwarded to the chairman and the dean. The reports might be helpful in improving the curriculum of ISA.

Please email your report to the instructor using "ISA term paper" as the subject and "STUDENT_ID.doc" (or .pdf) as the filename of the attachment.

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Instructor: Hwann-Tzong Chen

740 CS Building
Office hours: by appointment, or just stop by
Teaching Assistant: Jimmy Liu
g9665520 [at] oz


Date Speaker Title
2/20 Instructor Overview -
2/27 Session 1: Student Presentations -
3/5 Prof. Winston Hsu
Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Taiwan University
(In English)
Large-Scale Visual Databases: What and How to Search for
3/12 Session 2: Student Presentations -
3/19 Session 3: Student Presentations -
3/26 Prof. Ray-I Chang
Dept. Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering
National Taiwan University
Comic Compression and Communication -
4/2 No Seminar Spring Break -
4/9 郭子文 處長
資訊技術在半導體產業的應用與發展 -
4/16 No Seminar International Students Activity -
4/23 Prof. Gwo-Dong Chen
CSIE, National Central University
情緒互動與數位學習 Emotion Interaction and Digital Learning presentation slides
4/30 Dr. Chi-Jen Lu
Institute of Information Science
Academia Sinica
The Power of Randomness in Computation presentation slides
5/7 Jerry Cheng
jerry [at] liveabc . com (all in lower case)
從 LiveABC 的經驗看數位學習的發展與未來 -
5/14 No Seminar Visit to Quanta Computer -
5/21 Dr. Ling-Jyh Chen
Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica
Web Surfing on the Go: Needs, Opportunities, and Challenges Abstract
PPT file
5/28 Prof. Lih-Shyang Chen
EE, National Cheng Kung Universit
An e-Learning system for medical education in NCKU Presentation slides
6/4 Prof. Chun-Jen Tsai
CSIE, National Chiao Tung University
Embedded Multimedia System Design with Java Abstraction - from MHP to Android -
6/11 ISA Faculty Panel Discussion -
6/18 Term paper due - -


Presentation 30%
Term paper 30%
Participation 40%